Here some of our favourite web projects we realized. If you need more references please let us know.

Website of cult band KROKUS
Special features: CRM Group Mail with address management and newsletter system for fans and press, 2 automatic news tickers with archives, polls, sitemap, print funnction etc.
world's first online guitar school

website of famous guitar player Zlatko Perica
Special features: online guitar school with video downloads, online registration with credit card payment and instant setup, CRM Group Mail, print function

online print shop

Special features: Smart-Calculator (calculates prizes for comlex product configurations), file upload for customers, SSL encryption, automatic product image generation, image zoom function. Website is based on standards: xhtml, css2, WAI
Die Dargebotene Hand 143

Website for a non profit asssociation including websites of all 13 offices. Content in german, french and italian.
Special features: anonymous e-mail consulting service, backoffice for consulters, print function, PDF export, WAI conform (Accessibility), based on Standards: Xhtml, CSS
Facelifting Stationen SBB
Swiss Federal Railways SFR SBB CFF FFS (Schweizerische Bundesbahnen)

Extranet Website of the project "Facelifting Railway Stations SBB" RV05. Information, Data, Plans etc.
Specialfeatures: web based TableEditor, password protection

Website of photographer Stefan Jermann. Jermann received the honor BEST OF CORPORATE PUBLISHING in its category.

Special features: sitemap, print function, CRM Mail
TRUCE - Ein Magazin ├╝ber Kultur, Kunst und Leben

Website of the "TRUCE" magazine
Special features: newsletter, guestbook, print function
H2U - The Equation to your Sound an Vision Solution

H2U creates film music, does packaging and creates custom compilations or sport recordings and also professional pop-productions.

Special features: newsletter, print function, MP3 downloads


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